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Testimonials – What Customers Say…

Dear Amy,  Thank you so much for the horizontal (wheat) Omer counter  I bought from you…  My wife really enjoyed her present, and we are loving using it now.  It’s become our new ritual to say the blessing and move the pegs together as part of getting ready for bed….  Have a great day,     D.S., Chicago, IL


Mosaic Extra Wide Mezuzah on clients doorpost

Thank You.  It’s (the Mosaic Extra Wide Mezuzah) beautiful       A.S., Brooklyn, NY

Hi Amy,  They ( the knitting spools) came and they are wonderful.  I enjoy using my yarn with them.  Thank you again!  Sincerely,     D.W.,  Egg Harbor, WI

Hi Amy,  I received the yad (torah pointer) on Saturday and it’s perfect, exactly what I have been looking for. 😀 You did a wonderful job with it and I will certainly recommend your company to anyone else I know who is looking for something special like this.  Thanks,     D.G.,  Basking Ridge, NJ

Hullo, gorgeous! Love the (branch menorah) chanukiah!  Thanks so much!  Fits perfectly! Blessings!     J.V.,  Salem, OR

It’s ( the Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized Top Open Tzedakah Box) beautiful!!  Shabbat Shalom, Khag Sameakh!…!  Everyone loves it… as soon as we mount it I’ll shoot you a pic…Thanks!     D.C., The Woodlands, TX

Hi Amy,  Yes, I received the (small mosaic) dreidels.  They look great!  Thank you for all your help, I am sure we will be in touch again soon!  Shabbat Shalom,     L.R.,  NYC, NY

Etz Chaim Torah Rollers-Multiwood Mosaic Decoration-Wooden Torah Rollers-ETZHAYIM-M-O-sap-Deerfield-RW-LindaC

Atsei Chaim Torah Rollers – Deerfield, IL

Dear Amy , The yad (Torah Pointer) was very well received.      S.B.,  Jerusalem, Israel

Hi Amy,  I got home about a week ago from Chicago.  I sewed on the BEAUTIFUL Atzei Chaim and the siyuum was wonderful.  I just want to tell you what a masterful job you did on the rollers and the Torah fits perfectly.  Kol hakavod to you!     L.C.,  West Orange, NJ

All (the Etz Hayim Torah Rollers) was great.  So beautiful.     R.S.L.,  Deerfield, IL

Yes, it (the Mosaic Strip Menorah) was delivered … Fri.  ….  It is beautiful and my wife loves it!!!!!!     J.S.,  Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi Amy,  Thanks for the speedy delivery and for the follow-up email. I have not yet opened the menorah as it is a gift for my son-in-law who will get it on the first night of Channukah, this Sunday. I’ll give you feedback when we all see it and celebrate.  J.J.,  Bethesda, MD

Amy-  The box (the Octagonal Tzedakah Box w/ inscription) was delivered an hour ago, and A. immediately sent …(a) photo to the board with a note about how touched he was by the gift.  Thanks again for all your talent and assistance!     C.F.,  Washington , D.C,

Wooden Necklace Stand-Necklace Organizer-Necklace Holder-NEC-MB-O-O-RW-7thTry-060-1.jpg

Mosaic Necklace Stand

Dear Amy,   How considerate of you to check. We indeed received the (Mosaic Necklace) stand and were so impressed I want to replace the others I have with another.  We have an unusual store.  We sell many Vario Clasps and Necklaces. Your stand displays the necklaces very well.   I can put many, but they aren’t cluttered. You can go to lit…..y.com and see our store. It’s quite modern. Again, thank you and I’m looking forward to the other stand.        L.M., Houston, TX  

Hi Amy,  Yes it (the Octagonal Mosaic Tzedakah Box) arrived this afternoon – just amazing it was so quick.  Thank you very much for helping me….     M.N., New York, NY

(The Synagogue Sized Top Open) TZEDAKA BOX ARRIVED ! LIKE PICURE(,)  IS BEAUTIFUL!….Regards,     T.F., Wintergarden, FL

Amy; I just wanted to let you know that the box came ( with the Temple Style Etrog Box) and it is just beautiful…. My children are graduating from their Day School on June 8th and the tradition is that the graduating class gives a gift to the school. We are going to present this to the school for the new beit midrash. thank you so much –     H.T.,  Deephaven, MN

Hi Amy,  We received the ( 3 Omer Counters in the) package and presented to the school as a graduation gift from our 8th graders.  (They were) very well received by (the) Rabbi . Thank you.     R.P., Hartsdale, NY

Wooden Omer Counter - Wheat Design - Bar Mitzvah Present - Judaica Gift - Grande Wood - OMR-W-O-O

“Wheat” Omer Counter

Dear Amy,  The (mosaic wide) mezuzah was waiting for me when I arrived into work this morning. Thanks so much for your concern!  Best,    S.Y. Chicago. IL

Hi Amy,  I received the (Travel-Candlesticks-Shabbat to Go) box. It is beautiful. Perfect. Thank you. I’m sure I will do business with you again.     S.B., Kenilworth, IL

Hello Amy, I know this is quite a bit late, but I’m finally getting around to letting you know that my son-in-law loved his ( mosaic strip Hanukah) menorah, was happy to have it join the family’s menorahs and enjoyed lighting it during Channuka. I was thrilled it arrived sooooo quickly.     J.J., Bethesda, MD

THANKS AGAIN (for the Knitting Spool and ) FOR YOUR HELP. IT WAS A PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU.      M.D., Stonewall, Canada

got it (the Mosaic Wide Mezuzah Case) – thank you!  it’s beautiful. thank you for your work!     S.W., Santa Fe, NM

Hello Amy,  The mezuzah(Mosaic Wide Mezuzah Case) just arrived.  It is beautiful!  My children will love it in their new home they are moving into next weekend.  Thank you so much!       J.R., Tuscon, AZ

XL Hexagonal Tzedakah Box - Oversized Wooden Tzedakah Box - Jewish Gift

XL Hexagonal Tzedakah Box

(Translated from the Hebrew:) Dear Amy,   On Thursday when we received the package (which was mailed Monday),  sighs of admiration went up each time as we unpacked your incredibly beautiful pieces, one by one (mosaic candlesticks, mezuzah framed, mosaic groger, mosaic strip  Hanukkah menorah, and ipod stand).  Each of your artistic creations is truly lovely and we are so pleased with them.      N.H., Or Yehuda, Israel

IT (the XL Hexagonal Tzedakakh Box) IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!  Thank you for the (dollar) puller – such a sweet touch.   As soon as I have it mounted I will take a couple of pictures and send them off to you….  Thank you so much for your prompt response to my needs. … We have a Bat Mitzvah next week; the girl’s grandparents made an extremely generous donation to our Temple in her honor,  and I suggested, as a representation of their donation, (that) we purchase a Tzedakah Box for the Shul.  They were thrilled and wanted, as did we, the Bat Mitzvah girl to be able to drop the first few coins in the box! …It was a pleasure doing business with you. You will certainly be on my recommendation list.     C.H., Ontario, Canada

Thanks. It (the Hex Mosaic Tzedakah Box with inscription) arrived to Panama today.  Beautiful !!  Thanks a lot.  Blessings,     G.L, Panama

Hi Amy, I received the (Mosaic) clock ( w/ Hebrew Numerals) and I love it!!  Can’t wait to put it up in the Shul. Many thanks!!   G.S., Ottowa, Canada

Amy, I received the (Mosaic Tea) box, and it is beautiful.  Thank you very much.     K.B., Maitland, FL

Thank You……it (the small mosaic and brass dreidel)  arrived today….very nice work….Keep us on your mailing list.     J.N.,The Hills, TX


…Three Drawer Mosaic Jewelry Box…

Hi Amy,  I received the (Three Drawer Mosaic Jewelry) box. It is beautiful. Perfect. Thank you. I’m sure I will do business with you again…    S.B., Kennilworth, IL

Hi Amy, Your beautifully crafted (Geometric Thin) mezuzah and parchment arrived today. Thank you for your devoted work on this eternal item….Sincerely,   A.T.,  Ottawa, Canada

Good afternoon Amy, I have received the (mosaic wide) mezzuzah today and it’s perfect. Thank you for your work, dedication and patience with me.  Liora and I are so happy and so proud of the outcome.  Kind regards, D.B., New York, NY


Lazy Susan Passover Seder Plate w/ Mosaics

Thanks so much Amy. My family adores the (Lazy Susan Pesach) plate and I hope to visit you at your studio and Beersheva when we go back to Israel some day. We’ve never been. Shabbat Shalom.  C.S., Denver, CO

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how wonderful it was to use the (Lazy Susan Passover) seder plate that we purchased from you at the Hebrew Educational Alliance Art Festival in Denver, Colorado.  I had thought that I would give it to my in-laws, as my father-in-law loves anything wood, but we decided it was so unique and beautiful we kept it for our own use.We had compliments about how beautiful the plate was, and the design could be fully appreciated when it was “filled” and completely set up as a seder plate.Again, you do wonderful and beautiful work, and I just wanted to let you know how much your piece of art was appreciated.     B.C, Aurora, CO

Hi Amy:   The  (Thin Geometric Wooden) mezzuzah arrived today, and has been installed on the doorpost of our home.  We love it!  Just what we wanted!  Thank you for your prompt service. J.M., Portland, OR


Designer Deep Mosaic Tea Box for Table

A quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the (Mosaic) tea box. It’s beautiful (you already knew that) and looks great in our home. Thanks again for your lovely work!  A.C., New York, NY

Beeeaaaautiful!  Just received this lovely ( Geometric Thin) mezuzah.  Even prettier than the photo.  Thanks for your fine work,  Amy.  I think our son will love it for his new apartment.   K.R., Buffalo, NY

Dear Amy,  The package(Horizontal Hex Megilah Case) arrived a few days ago. It is TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much much. We really appreciate your artistic and creative efforts. Gmar chatima tovah,   E.&M. S.,  Bronx, NY


Cutting Board w/ Mosaics and Knife

Dear Amy,  The gift (,  a  mosaic cutting board with knife)  arrived safely, and was waiting for them in their apartment (magic?!) when they returned home.  They loved it!  I hope you enclosed one of your business cards within, so they can brag to all their friends as to its origins.  Thanks again,  B.M., Rehovot, Israel

Hi Amy,  The bride received the candlesticks on Thursday and she is thrilled with them! The wedding was last night, so I’m glad she had them in time for Shabbat.  Thanks again and again for your efforts and special attention!!   E.H.,  Pepper Pike, OH

Hi Amy,  Yes we got it (the Etrog Box) over Shavuot and just opened it now and it’s beautiful. Thank you.  Will take care of it as you suggest …. Thank you for all. Ari loves it.  S.I, Stamford, CT

The (Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized )tzedakah box (Top Open) arrived.  It is beautiful, thank you so much.  I will send you pictures of it hanging in our synagogue.  Perhaps you can visit us on the Island and see it in person.  This is an invitation.  Shalom,   A.H., Vineyard Haven, MA

Thanks! My sister in law loved it( the Mezuzah Framed in dark wood) !  L.E., Mercer Island, WA


Mosaic Napkin Holder- Letter Caddy

Hi Amy!   Yes, I did receive it( the mosaic napkin holder).  It is beautiful and I love it.  Your work is of excellent quality.  If looks awesome on my oak butcher block dinning table. … Thank you,, and have a happy day:-).  S.S.,  Waterford, MI

Thank you so much for your messages! The (Mosaic Tea) box has arrived safely! I am so grateful that I will be able to bring this very special gift with me to the wedding.  All the best,  M.Z.,  Brooklyn, NY


Mosaic Purim Noisemaker-Grogger

Amy, I want to thank you for the beautiful (Mosaic) grogger.   And the excellent service.  Chag Sameach, S.K., Hollywood, FL

Hi Amy, the (Extra Large Hexagonal Tzedakah) box arrived today in a snow storm.  It’s beautiful and we will keep it as is, we love it!! Thanks again for your wonderful talent…what a blessing.  Shalom,   S.H.,  Wenatchee,WA

Hi! I received the ( Mosaic 4 Panel)Tzedakah box today. It was very well packaged and reached me in good shape. It’s beautiful, even more so in person than it looked online. It’s the perfect gift for dear friends of mine who provide charity in so many ways, and so I’m very happy to have found it. Thanks!  M.C., Philadelphia, PA

IT ( the Temple Style Etrog Box)  ARRIVED SAFELY, AMY, AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL.    It really is beautiful. I love woods, so it’s a natural for me.  Good packing job also, thank….And thanks for the hand written note about which oil to use and when.  Nice personal touch, one doesn’t find that very often these days…..The etrog box is a big hit, people love looking at it, looking at the workmanship (sexist word?), the inlays, the felt even underneath.  … I shall treasure the box for, God willing, many years to come. It is really a treasure, makes Hiddur Mitzvah come to life in great way…..Anyway, thanks so much. I hope I will get you some more orders…W.R., Bethesda, MD

Hi Amy:   The ( Extra Large Hexagonal) Tzedakkah Box arrived today and its beautiful! The colored wood looks like stained glass–a very interesting effect in the light. I appreciate the dollar puller as well.   I have enjoyed working with you on this and will certainly recommend you to my friends as well…. F.S., Chattanooga, TN


Torah Rollers-Women’s Torah Project

We had a bar mitzvah at Kadima this last Saturday, and used the Torah. It’s so beautiful and …(The Women’s Torah Project Etz-Chaim Torah) rollers are gorgeous. Thanks so much for the beautiful inlay work you did.  L.G., New York, NY

The ( Mosaic Strip) menorah arrived yesterday safe and sound …. It’s beautiful   S.P., West Nyack, NJ

Yes!  It ( the Mosaic Challah Board with Knife) came! Thank you so much. It is perfect. All the best, Y.M., Los Angelos, CA


Arches Omer Counter

We received the Omer Counting board today here in Stamford, Connecticut.  It is a gift for my fiance, Rabbi E…Thank you, Amy for creating such a beautiful and meaningful work of art. It is here in our living-room for our families to see and be aware of the counting next Sefirat HaOmer.      M.P., Los Angeles, CA

Got it!( the Omer Counter)  Thanks…. I didn’t remember it until we went to count the omer. …  It is beautiful…  S.P., Longbeach, CA

Dear Amy,  I …already received the (Mosaic) grogger and it is great. Thank you very much, A.T., San Antonio, TX

Hi Amy,  I received the package( Salt/Pepper Shakers and  matching Napkin Holder) today….. It all looks great. I’m certain that my wife will be pleased. Thanks… K.M., Engelwood, CO

Amy, Thank you so much for your follow-up. The (Angled) Etrog Box did indeed arrive at my friends house and they loved it! Thank you so much the beautiful box and the excellent service…..   S.W., White Plains, NY


Mosaic Earring Stand-Jewelry Organizer

Your beautiful earring stand arrived today.  Thanks.  I love it!   I’m looking forward to buying more of your work in the future… F.R., Scarsdale, NY

Amy…The mezuzah(Framed) arrived yesterday and it is more beautiful than I expected. If I don’t see it on a door at my nephew’s and new niece’s home I’m going to demand they give it back!  R.W., Charlotte, NC

Hi Amy,   Yes, they( the Etz-Haim Torah Rollers) arrived and look gorgeous. …they are truly beautiful and the rimonim fit just fine. In fact, the rimonim look very elegant on them. It’s going to be one heavy Torah, but we knew that. Thanks again… W.G., Seattle WA

Hi Amy, The mezuzah arrived this afternoon! It’s beautiful, even better than on the web. Thanks again for all your help. S.B., Palo Alto, CA

Hi Amy, Your Omer Counter is wonderful, it will be exhibited and your name will be there. We open 27th May, 2010 and you can imagine we are absolutely hysterical to get ready just now….The exhibition (at the Jewish Museum in Oslo, Norway) will be standing for at least two years…………S.L., Oslo, Norway

They ( the Etz Chaim- Torah Rollers) look GREAT!! J.S., S. Miami, FL

Amy, (the Harmonica) case has arrived and looks great. thanks! R.H., New York, NY

The whole family loves the (Tzedakah) box! E.S., Chicago, IL


Wall Mount Temple Sized Tzedakah Box

Believe it or not, the (Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized) Tzedakah Box arrived this morning. It’s amazing, as we can’t seem to get a first class letter around town in less time (than it took to ship from Israel). The piece is absolutely magnificent. Thanks so much. M.N., Columbus, OH

My customer said it (the Synagogue Sized Omer Counter) looks really nice and it is getting ready to hang…thanks again, M.L., LA, CA

Hi, Amy, I saw the (Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized Top Open) Tzedakah Box yesterday and it is beautiful. It arrived without any damage, so don’t worry, your work crossed the ocean in safe condition. We will be installing it soon in time for the chapel’s dedication. I know our congregants will have many nice compliments about your beautiful tzedakah box. I told the Board of Trustees about it at last nights meeting. They were very pleased that it comes from Israel and that Ohav was able to help and support Israel. Thank you so much for working with us and for
offering such stunning products. S.L., Albany, NY

Hey Amy, We just LOVE the (mosaic) tea box! It’s just beautiful and truly a work of art. My niece is going to LOVE it–the perfect gift…I’ve passed on your website to 3 of my friends..Thanks again, L.R., Haifa, Israel

Amy – Emily and Michael received the (mosaic) challah board (with knife and bracha) and they love it! They plan to use it at their wedding reception for the motzi. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived. Thanks so much for all your help. I.S., Rye Brook, NY


Mosaic Picture Frame

The (Synagogue Sized) spice box (with logo) will make a beautiful presentation on Saturday night and we’ll just tell him the candle holder will follow at a later date. The spice box is breathtakingly beautiful and I was amazed at the accuracy with which you could match the pattern on our ark doors. I know Rabbi L. will treasure it. Thanks! J.S., Overland Park, KS

It ( the package w/ the Mosaic Picture Frames) arrived just fine, and looks great.  Thanks so much.  S.T., Ellicott City, MDAmy, The Tzedakah Box arrived yesterday and it is lovely… Thank you. A.S., Tuscon, AZ

Dear Amy, Just a quick note to tell you how very much everyone loved the Etz-Ron gifts that I brought with me last month. You have a whole new slew of fans in Chicago. D.R., Meitar, Israel

Amy, We got the torah sewn back in Monday afternoon just in time for yom tov. I now feel like a pro in re-attaching a torah. It (the Etz-Chaim Torah Rollers) looks absolutely beautiful. They fit the torah perfectly…they are amazing and I look forward to having my children and future grandchildren please gd have this torah …to use in their shul. The Ivory looks amazing whatever you did to it. I would highly recommend your work to anyone. J.B., Boynton Beach, FL

Amy, The (Synagogue Sized) Spice Box (with logo) arrived this morning. I opened it up and it … survived the trip from Israel! It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for your work and for the wonderful piece that you have created for Rabbi L. L’shalom, J.F., Overland Park, KS


Synagogue Sized Spice Box w/ Logo

Amy, …It (the Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized Tzedakkah Box) is beautiful and we are waiting to have it hung in the upper Shabbat lobby… Thank you for a beautiful job. P.L., Lafayette Hill, PA

Amy, At long last the (Oversized Tzedakkah ) box arrived— referring to the length of time it took us to actually select and order it, you made it very quickly, thank you—and it is beautiful. I am sure the congregation will appreciate the artistry and care that went into making the box. And, thank you for the dollar bill puller; hopefully, they will get to use it often….Thanks J.P., Indianapolis, IN

I just received the (Silver and Wood Megillah) case. It is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!! It really is just what I envisioned. You really got it right. And I love the inlaid masks. I just wasn’t sure that it was possible to do that. You are a truly an artist and a visionary… L.C., West Orange, NJ

The custom designed Rock Stand Amy made is absolutely exquisite. The choice of wood brings out some of the subtle colours of the rocks it supports. The workman(woman)ship is superb and Amy has produced a truly artistic piece. C.H., Omer, Israel

Hi, Amy, I just wanted to let you know that I finally gave C. the (Grandmother) clock on his birthday, 9/18/. It is really beautiful and he (we) really love it. You do beautiful work! Thank you so much L.C., Westmost, NJ

Got the Salt/Pepper Mill yesterday. It’s very nice. Thanks, M.R., Middletown, NJ

Hi Amy, I am an amateur (probably the right term) dreidel collector with Adlers, Rosenthals, Emanuels, and a number of other artists. Before today, on this last day of Hanukkah, I had admittedly not been aware of your work. However, I saw the photos of two of your dreidels on a Jewish Museum page I accessed via the WNYC Art of the Drediel story page from 2010. I was impressed immediately with the rich and dark tone of the wood and the color scheme. It was a pleasure to discover a new (for me) dreidel artisan. I am pleased to add an Etz-Ron to my collection. By the way,your artistic appellation is extremely creative and bevret mitsuyan! …A late and enthusiastic Hag Sameah!  M.C., Montpelier, VT


Hanukkah Mosaic and Brass Dreidels

Please accept my apology for not contacting you yesterday when I had the chance to open the carton and see the beautiful Tzedakah Box. R. and D. G., our sponsors, were delighted by it. I would (and will) recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new one… A.L., North Miami Beach, FL

Amy, It ( the dreidel) was beautiful. Thank you so much. I cannot decide whether to give it as a gift (as originally intended) or keep it for myself. Where ever it ends up, I know it will be cherished. Beautiful Work!! D. S., Southwest Branches, CA

Yes I receive(d) the two dreidels (&) they are beautiful…Thanks S.W. , McAllen, TX

Thank you. The (Wall Mounted Top Open) Tzedakah Box arrived is perfect condition. I went to the synagogue to see it late yesterday. It is beautiful and will be placed prominently in our lobby area. R.G., North Miami Beach, FL


Grandmother Clock w/ Mosaics

Hi, Amy, I just had a chance today to open the box the (Grandmother) clock came in. It was wrapped extremely well! The clock is breathtaking! Since it’s a birthday present for my husband …, we won’t be setting it up until September and I can’t wait! I know he will love it, too. Thanks again, L.C., Lumberton, NJ

Well, it’s(the Arches Omer Counter) a keeper! Thank you for your beautiful artwork. He loves it! L.G., Armada, MI

I picked up the candlesticks (w/ anodized aluminum and mosaics) … tonight. They are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your efforts in arranging for me to have these.. .I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again in the future. Kind regards& many, many thanks! J.A., Shrewsbury,NJ

Hi Amy, My cousin received the (Grandmother) clock yesterday & absolutely loved it!!!! The cherry wood was perfect as it turned out that their furniture is cherry which I was unaware of ! K.M., Millburn, NJ

Dear Amy, The (Horizontal Megillah ) Case arrived yesterday in beautiful condition. Thank you, R.J.M., Scranton, PA

It’s (the Wheat Omer Counter) beautiful! thank you! A.S., Los Angeles, CA


Mosaic Keepsake Boxes-Jewelry Box

Yes, we received it (the Challah Board w/ Bracha and Knife), and the board looks wonderful. We’ve used it for the past two shabbos dinners. Many Thanks, S.C., New York City, NY

You know, Amy, I only just saw these( mosaic keepsake) boxes in February. Got here chasing my tail and I’m only now really looking at them. I have some teeny tiny knit finger puppets that I bought at a fair trade store. These are the gifts inside. I am so so pleased with them… They will be gifts for her grandkids.     L.L., Mougins, France

Thank you so much. The world needs beauty.

Everything is perfect ( with the Arches Omer Counter w/ a dedication). Thanks, S.W., Nashville, TN

The ( Wall Mounted Synagogue Sized Tzedakkah) box arrived in good condition late this afternoon. We are very excited. R.G., Dallas TX

The ( silver spiral) mezuzzahs are great. I’ll be giving one as a gift soon and delivering the other one next Fri… D.G., West Orange, NJ

They (the mosaic picture frames) r wonderful C.K., Tuscon, AZ

…it (the octagonal) etrog box arrived yesterday.. . Many thanks – it’s a very nice piece! A.R., Philadelphia, PA

I must admit that I was blown away when I opened the box today that you sent. First, that you found an artist in Israel is incredible and then her work is absolutely breath taking. One of the things that I miss being in Florida is celebrating Shabbat with my family. At least now I can light the candles and feel a part of the weekly holiday thanks to the two of you. Even though they are beautiful, I hope you don’t mind if they are used. To me, art is more precious if it becomes part of your life, and this work of art will definitely become part of our family’s life. R.F., Fairfax Station, VA


Hanukkah Mosaic Strip Menorah

…we’ve been giving our family all the beautiful Judaica that you made. I gave my mom the (mosaic) Challah Board for Hannukah, and she LOVED it! To my grandparents we gave them a mezuzah and one of the picture frames. To my brother J.., and to my brother and sister in law, we gave each one of them a (and a mezuzah — both of them went gaga over them. AND, we gave my uncle A… one of the mezuzah’s also. So, it’s kind of cool that all of your work is scattered throughout the family! J.W., San Francisco, CA

Hi Amy, The etrog box came today. Thanks so much. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to the Bar-Mitzvah boy. R. S., Fairlawn, NJ

We received it (the cutting board) yesterday and brought it to our daughter and son-in-law after shabbat. They were very pleased. Thanks. R. A. S., Newton, MA

Thank you, Amy. The groggers arrived safe & sound & beautiful. S.A., Westport, CT

Hi Amy, …The (Mosaic Strip) mezuzot are so beautiful. We are going to have a ceremony when our executive committee gathers for its first meeting next week. C.K., Tuscon, AZ


Wood & Anodized Aluminum Candle Sticks

The package arrived and the gift ( mosaic challah board and matching candlesticks) was given to the bride-to-be in front of her parents. We wanted you to know how excited she was to receive this beautiful gift. As always, we look forward to another Simcha when we can buy from you. R. & M. K., Cinncinnati, OH

(It) (the silver dome mezzuzah) Came yesterday …Will ask the lady cantor to put it up with a prayer…It has already had admiring comments… F.B., Mission Viego, CA

We did receive the (XL Mosaic Hex ) tzedakah box. It is beautiful. G.K., Chappaqua, NY

Amy, Today, we are the proud owners of your hexagonal salt and pepper shakers, purchased at the Wharton Esherick Museum in Pennsylvania, USA. Congratulations on creating something so beautiful….Thanks J.A., Malvern, PA

Amy, Both brides have emailed me and expressed their pleasure ( with the Mosaic Vase and Interwoven Bookends). We did well. Thank you. G.K., Toronto, Canada

Dear Amy, They( the Mosaic Stripe Mezuzzahs) are beautiful!!! I couldn’t of asked for anything more… M.H., Tuscon, AZ

Thanks so much. My sister-in-law loves your (Seven Species) clock. N.H., Evanston,IL

Amy, The (Mosaic Tzedakkah ) Boxes (with dedications) arrived. Beautiful. Thank you! R.N., Middlesex, UK


Tzedakkah Box-Four Mosaic Panels

Hi Amy, I received the (Hex Synagogue Sized Tzedakah) Box on Friday. It is beautiful. I am thrilled about how it turned out and can not wait to bring it to the shul and show everyone. Thanks so much for your help, you have given our synagogue something to use and cherish for many years. All the best and thanks again, L.R., Rockville, MD

I recently purchased a tzedakah box and a tea box from you. They are really beautiful. G.W., Wilmington, DE

Hi Amy, The package ( w/ the travel menorahs) was there when I got home. Everything seems to be intact…What I checked made it here in great shape, and was beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for working to get these … personalized as we wished, and so timely! T.T., Providence, RI

It (the synagogue sized spice box w/ logo) is magnificent! More than I could have expected. The donor will be very pleased. R. L.R., San Diego, CA

Yes, I got the package, and the mezzuzah is very attractive… J.R., Memphis, TN

It’s here ( the wall mounted synagogue sized tzedakkah box)and it’s beautiful! The tzedakah box for the Community Hall donated by the Confirmation Class last year has arrived. It’s in my office…there is no obstacle to overcome in hanging. However, I don’t want to “just hang it up.” Frankly, it’s too beautiful for that. I think we should make a moment out of it. Chanukah is in less than a month. The tzedakah box was built to remind us of the Temple and Chanukah is about dedication…., I suggest that you consider a Chanukah unveiling. Just a thought. M.S., Deerfield, IL

I got the (megillah) case and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! As they would say in NY, “It’s poifect”. Many thanks and I’ll keep in touch… R.W., Long Beach, CA


Mosaic Wall Clock w/ Hebrew Numerals

Amy- It ( the Mosaic Clock with Hebrew Numerals) arrived early this week and looks wonderful. I have it on the wall in our dining room for all to admire. Well done and thanks again. D.E., Springfield, VA

Hi, Amy- It ( the mosaic candlesticks) actually came in the day before yesterday, but I haven’t been in the office. I just opened the box to to take a peek before shipping it on to R. and C., and I’m glad I did: this is beautiful work. The bad thing about doing that, though, is that it is making it very hard to send them on. The F.’s are very special people, and I know they are going to absolutely love this. As for me, well….. I’ll be back! J.M.C.,Dumfries,VA

Hi Amy, The etrog box came today. Thanks so much. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to the Bar-Mitzvah boy. R. S., Fairlawn, NJ

We received it (the cutting board) yesterday and brought it to our daughter and son-in-law after shabbat. They were very pleased. Thanks. R. A. S., Newton, MA

They ( the tallit clips) arrived today and are very nice! They are a present for my husband this Hanukkah. He should really enjoy using them. Thanks again… C. L., Brookeville, MA

Mosaic Cake Knife-Mosaic Cake Server-Wedding Accessory-Cak-M-a-RW0862

Mosaic Cake Knives

Hi Amy, …The cake knife arrived and my daughter loves it! … L. C., Union City, CA

Yes, we received the (etrog) box. It is beautiful and we love it. Thanks for all the trouble it took to get it to us. D. S., Greensboro, NC

Amy, yes, we received the Tzedakkah Box and we love it. Everything was just great. J. R., Buffalo, NY

Thank you so much!! They (the Etzei Chaim- Torah Scroll Rollers) are gorgeous!! We are all so thrilled. We greatly appreciate your skill and talent and your sharing them with us. I am eager to attach them to the scrolls. I am sure we will get many many years of beautiful and meaningful use of them. Thank you for helping us to complete our Torah Restoration project so beautifully. S. F.-T., King of Prussia, PA

Everything (the Mosaic Tzedakah Box) was perfect and it got here in time! Thanks as always. I know I’ll be back!! E. S., Old Beth Page, NY

The package arrived today, thank you very much! The (lion) magnets are nice, I shall look into your website to see what else I could find…. G. R., Cologne, Germany

I received them ( the Hexagonal Tzedakkah Boxes) today! They are beautiful! We can’t wait to deliver them to the synagogue! Thanks so much for all of your help, and patience! B. H., Fremont, CA
Actually, everything was better than O.K. I love it (the Octangonal Tzedakah Box). Thank you so much, and know that it will be used as well as admired. C. D., Humble, TX

Yes, we received it ( the napkin holder) and it is beautiful- it’s sitting on our table with napkins…..It looks great on our table. Thank you – it’s been a pleasure. A. & S. H., Old Beth Page, NY

Dear Amy, The (Synagogue Sized) Tzedakah box that you designed for us at Temple Beth David (Temple City, California) is so incredibly beautiful! I am thrilled to see it showcased on your website. We are almost finished with the entire “Tzedakah Corner” and will send you some final pictures when it’s complete but it is so gorgeous that I just had to let you know….You were such a pleasure to work with (V. S. kept me appraised of all the plans). .. Thank you Amy, it is truly a timeless treasure that we will cherish forever. Take care. Sincerely, R. E.,Temple City, CA

The ( Synagogue sized Tzedakkah) box arrived in great condition. I immediately took it to the place to get the shelf fabricated out of opaque acrylic so we can get it installed in the temple as soon as possible! Thanks for all the hard work and I’ll send you a picture of it displayed when it’s all installed. V. S., Monrovia, CA


Necklace Stand-Jewelry Organizer

(I) Received the megillah case yesterday. Though it was a little different than I had anticipated, it was beautiful and I am very pleased with it. Your work is outstanding and I hope to enjoy it for many years. The klaf fit perfectly and we have put it on the mantelpiece in our home so our friends might enjoy it too……. Thank you again. M. F., Seal Beach, CA

The tzedakah box is beautiful. The different colored woods and the craftmanship make it a very unique and exquisite piece of art. It was exactly what we hoped it would be. I was amazed at how quickly it arrived. Thank you so much for all your help getting our questions answered and helping to make sure that we ordered the right thing. We will certainly keep you in mind for future gifts or special occasions. Good luck with your work and your business. R. F., Kenneth Square, PA

They ( the tallit clips) arrived today and are very nice! They are a present for my husband this Hanukkah. He should really enjoy using them. Thanks again… C. L., Brookeville, MA

Amy, It ( the dreidel) was beautiful. Thank you so much. I cannot decide whether to give it as a gift (as originally intended) or keep it for myself. Where ever it ends up, I know it will be cherished. Beautiful Work!! D. S., Southwest Branches, CA

(The cutting board) Came as promised. Recipients really thrilled!! Thanks. M. F., Tarrytown, NY

I just got the tzedakah box and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much. W. T., Chappel Hill, NC

I got your (mosaic) frame in December … It is very nice. J. L. , Brussels, Belgium

Thank you for everything (I used the tea box for my Thanksgiving dinner – everyone thought it was gorgeous!). The megillah case arrived this afternoon. Its just spectacular…..Thank you again. F. M.-M., West Orange, NJ

Yes, we got it (the branch menorah) Thursday. It is great! A. M., Ann Arbor, MI

It’s (the mezuzah) beautiful, and matches our decor perfectly. Many thanks for your efforts. B. F., Teaneck, NJ

Designer Knitting Spool-Improve Fine Motor Coordination-Knitting Nancy-KNIT-O-O-many-RP-MG_2751

Knitting Spool;s-3/8″ Hole-Educational Toy-Tube Knitter

I received it (the spice rack) yesterday and it’s perfect for the spot I intend to hang it; the wood and spice rack design is great-thank you A. H., Old Beth Page, NY

I received it (the trivet and ancient ties barrettes) yesterday, thanks. You do beautiful work…. E. F., Chatanooga, TN

It’s (the etrog box) beautiful and I am just wrapping it to give to our friend. Thank you very much. (I) look forward to doing business with you again. A. Z., Baltimore, MD

Hi Amy. I gave the (megilah) case to Doniel on his birthday and he loved it. We have it in our entertainment center in the family room and it looks really great. Thanks. You did a great job. S. G., Monsey, NY

Hi Amy. We received the challah board last week. It looks wonderful and we are enjoying using it. M. K., Lincolnwood,IL

It (the megilah case) looks very nice- thanks again. B. R., Decatur, GA.

Amy, The Multiwood (Courthouse) Tzedakah Box got here today & I brought it over to my parent’s house. It is beautiful, and is now resting in a highly visible area in their dining room.I have already referred your website to many friends & others at Isaac M. Wise Temple. R. K., Cincinnati, OH

I did (get the tzedakkah box)- thanks-pardon me not saying so- it was beautiful- much better and appropriate- and used now for synagogoue board meetings and congregation social events..thanks again. D. A. G., Chapel Hill, NC

I am delighted to let you know that your instructions were perfect.The clock … is hanging on the wall in my synagogue office… I want to compliment you again on your beautiful work, and I wish you continued success. C. R. K. G., Jackson, New Jersey

It (the mezuzah) arrived ok and is very wonderful. S. F., San Francisco, CA


Designer Challah Bread Serving Tray

Got it (the cutting board) today and I love it. E. W., Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Dear Amy, We received the etrog box last night. It is so beautiful. We can not wait until Friday to use it. Thank you again and happy holidays! M. F., Orlando, FL

Amy, Hi, it ( the megillah case) arrived today …, so I just opened it and I love it -thank you so much. Shana Tova. L. A., Port Washington, NY

Yes I did receive the clock and it is already hanging in our dining area. We really appreciate the workmanship and artistry that went into it. I know it will be a piece that we will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks so much… T. H., West Hills, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I received your clock yesterday, and it’s even more beautiful than in the photo. It was also packed quite well, and is working fine. Thank you so much for it, Amy. It’s a very unique and gorgeous piece. It looks wonderful in my living room. Keep up the good work! R. B., Coral, MI

Amy: Just wanted to let you know that the vases arrived safe and sound and my parents loved them. F. R., Ithaca, NY

The challah board arrived on Friday in good condition. We enjoyed using it for shabbat. B’chol tuv, J. L., Raleigh, NC

Amy: I just received a yad crafted by you as a birthday gift from my children. It is so very unusual! Whenever I have the opportunity, I read Torah at my synagogue, BJBE in Glenview. My good fortune: I am reading this Shabbat morning! I have offered the use of this precious gift to any of my grandchildren who wish to use it at their bar/bat mitzvah. I shall treasure it as a new family heirloom… b’hatzlicha v’kol tuv. S. H., Glenview,IL

Received the dreidels today… they are SOOOOOOO beautiful… real masterpieces.. I have big dreidel collection, and am so proud to add your special pieces… Let me know if you do more…. Kol Tuv Ve’Chag Sameach. E. S., Brooklyn, NY

The Megillah case arrived today. What a wonderful creation of beauty — our daughter Danielle was so taken that she e-mailed the other 5 confirmands immediately and set up a time for them to get together to attach the Klaf to the rollers — they will then read from it at the purim Service on erev Purim. Wish us luck in putting it together and once again – Todah Rabah. K. H., King of Prussia, PA

Yes, Amy, the grogger arrived, and it’s terrific!! Thank you very much. L’shalom. R. S., NYC, NY


Black Wrapped Earring Holder

Hello Amy.. i got my Shtender Friday. It is beautiful..you did an excellent job…..thank you so much…. thanx again. H. F., Chicago. IL

My beautiful (mosaic) vase arrived a few days ago. I really love it!! I knew I would. Your craftsmanship is really exquisite. L. C., Westmost, NJ