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Silver Masks Megillah Case – Designer Wood and Silver Judaica


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Product Description

This very special designer Silver Masks Megillah Case is decorated with 15 masks, each cut from sterling silver, and each with a different expression and each inlaid into the wood of the hexagonal case. Each mask has silver composite strings attached to it  which dance around the case. The case opens from the top where the handwritten parchment is inserted and sewn on to the pole.  There is a ball bearing mechanism inside, and together with the handle outside facilitate easy rolling of the parchment.

Prices for this Megilllah Case start at $1990

As with all Megillah Cases at Etz-Ron this is a custom order made to fit your individual scroll. Parchment scrolls are also for sale from Etz-Ron.  I can also help you realize your own unique vision for a Megillah Case.  Contact Me

See the Horizontal Open Megillah Case

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See the Traditional Scroll Megillah Case

This is what my customer wrote me about the Silver Masks Megillah case:

“I just received the (Silver Masks Megillah) case. It is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!! It really is just what I envisioned. You really got it right. And I love the inlaid masks. I just wasn’t sure that it was possible to do that. You are a truly an artist and a visionary…”

L.C., West Orange, NJ

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