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Wood and Mosaic Megillah Case – Megillat Esther Storage – Custom Order


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Product Description

Etz-Ron’s best selling Hexagonal Megillah Case is decorated with hand inlaid multi wood mosaics on six sides.  It sits vertical on the table top and the top lifts off to reveal your scroll.

Megillah Cases at Etz-Ron are custom made to fit the size of your scroll.  You can choose the base wood that the mosaics are mounted in.  Prices start at $380.  There is also the option to add a mosaic panel on top with an inscription, the name of the recipient, the name of the giver, etc.  See in the picture details one example of this.

For larger scrolls, this model can be altered to the horizontal position and a base can be added, see the Horizontal Open Megillah Case  and the  Traditional Megillah Cases  with one or two handles to roll the scroll.

I have a limited supply of Megilah Cases in stock.  Contact Me  for more information and photos.

Want to choose your wood? I can make you a custom megillah case!  Lead time 4-6 weeks.

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