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As a member of synagogue communities for more than 30 years, I recognize the critical role of volunteers in making a synagogue a warm and vibrant community. Increasingly synagogues are searching for innovative, creative, and meaningful ways to appreciate and thank their activists and donors.

Recognition of their efforts is an extremely important, and oft forgotten step. Maintaining activist involvement, and encouraging others to get involved as well, is the foundation of every successful community. The unique character and high level of craftsmanship seen in Etz-Ron creations, as well as their connection with Jewish Life, make them appropriate tokens of appreciation. On this website you will find unique gifts that best express your true appreciation for the many donors and activists that make your synagogue home.

The concept “Hiddur Mitzvah” teaches that when we perform a mitzvah we should strive to do it in a beautiful way. Mitzvot can also have an aesthetic dimension. One way this can be done is to make an effort to use beautiful ritual objects in the performance of the mitzvah. Use of the ritual objects crafted by Etz-Ron provide a wonderful opportunity to engage in “Hiddur Mitzvah”.