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Traditional Purim Scroll Holder – Megillat Esther Case – Two Handles


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Product Description

In this Traditional Megillah Case the  “klaf” ( parchment) is sewn onto the handles. Your “klaf” then pulls out for reading and is rolled  back into the case when you are done. For vertical display, one handle is tucked into the integral base.

This Purim Scroll Holder features six panels of hand inlaid mosaic woods, divided into the base and the scroll holder itself.  It has two handles, as well as the pulling piece.  This handwritten parchment holder comes w/ instructions on how to sew your “klaf” onto the poles, and the kosher sinew for sewing as well.

Like all Megillah Cases at Etz-Ron, this megillah case is a custom order, sized to fit your individual parchment.  Prices start at $580.  Lead time is 4-6 weeks. I have a limited selection of megillah cases already made.  Contact Me for more info.

The Traditional Purim Scroll Holder can also be adapted to the Horizontal Open Megillah Case.

Want to choose the wood color for your megillah case? Contact Me