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Designer Knitting Spool – Educational Toy – Wood Tube Knitter – Knitting Nancy


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Product Description

This Designer Knitting Spool or Knitting Nancy or French knitter is the most basic of knitting machines. This nifty little gadget makes long knitted tubes. It great for kids (helps with fine motor coordination) and grownup crafters alike.  Makes a good birthday present, stocking stuffer or “just because” present!.

There are two sizes of spools:

  • the standard with  a 3/8th” hole running the length of the spool, for standard yarn, metal wire, and light weight cord, length between 5.5″-6.5″
  • the large with a 5/8th” hole running the length of the spool, for more heavy weight yarns and cord, length between 3.5″- 5.5″.

They are available with 4, 5 or 6 prongs.  The more prongs the more detailed the knitted  tube is, and the longer it takes to knit.

You can choose to purchase a puller as well ($5)

You will receive a knitting spool with your requested amount of prongs, but stock and outer design changes according to availability.  The inner workings will be the same and with the same attention to detail and finish!  If you have any specific needs, for example, longer or shorter, or for a bigger or smaller hand, please contact me

As Seen On Knitting Daily TV #1304-No Needle Knitting

Dimensions:The spool itself  range  between  3.5 -6.5″

Additional information

Hole Size

3/8 inch, 5/8 inch

Number Prongs

4, 5, 6


With Puller, No Puller