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Womens-Torah-Project-Torah-with-Etz-Haim-by-Etz-Ron-ETZ-WTP-O-O-C.jpgDetail-Etz-Chaim-Torah-Holders-Made-to-order-ETZCHM-O-O-Detail-RWV-2010_0817tryfirst0011.jpgEtz Chaim Torah Rollers decorated with multi wood mosaic, made to last - -ETZCHM-O-O

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Women’s Torah Project Etz Chaim Torah Rollers by Etz-Ron


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Product Description

These Etz Chaim Torah Rollers were commissioned by the Womens Torah Project (WTP), a project of the Kadima Reconstructionist Community in Seattle, WA.

The WTP created the first sefer Torah in history to be scribed and embellished by an international community of women in modern times; the first Torah to be intentionally scribed by a partnership of women; and the first Torah to be supported, written and adorned by an international community of women and men sustaining one another through the hard work of transforming ideals into reality.

These Etz Chaim Torah Rollers are made from beautiful mahogany wood elegantly embellished with Etz-Rn’s signature multi wood mosaics.

See Etz Chaim Torah Rollers and the antique  Etz-Chaim Torah Rollers-King and Queen–  restoration.

Interested in ordering these beautiful Torah Rollers for your synagogue?  Contact me.

Lead time 4-6 weeks.

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