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Mosaic-Strip-Mezuzah-Jewish-Housewarming-Gift-MEZ-S-O-3Wood-Mosaic-Strip-Mezuzah-Housewarming-Gift-MEZ-S-O-paduakWood-Mosaic-Strip-Mezuzah-Jewish-Door-Prayer-Wood-Mezuzah-MEZ-S-O-oakMosaic-Strip-Mezuzah-Wooden-Mezuzah-MEZ-S-O-manyWooden-Mezuzah-Case-Mosaic-Strip-Mezuzah-One-Piece-Organic-Mezuzah2-MEZ-S-M-0-RWP-010_0421tryfirst0099.jpg File type: image/jpeg

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Mosaic Strip Mezuzah – Jewish Gift – Wood Mezuzah – Bar Mitzvah Gift


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Product Description

This wooden  Mosaic Strip  Mezuzah case has a decorative multi wood mosaic panel down the length of the mezuzah and is decorated with a stylized  brass Shin. Etz-Ron’s mosaics are made from 30 different woods from the world. The woods used are the natural colors of each individual wood, no stains or dyes  are applied..

Choose between Light, Medium or Dark base woods, one size- medium which can house a 10 cm parchment.

Add $40 to purchase the mezzuzah with the scroll (klaf), hand written on parchment.

Dimensions:5.9 x 1.1 x 0.7 Th ” ( 15 x 2.8 x 1.5 Th cm) approximate

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