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The Story Behind the Etz-Ron Logo

When I upgraded my website, and I decided to create a new Etz-Ron logo.  Wood is my favorite material.  Textures are my passion, dynamic and always changing.  I wanted my logo to reflect this.

Not surprisingly, my logo features a tree trunk in the form of a hand.  The hand symbolizes me working with my hands, something I’ve done for the greater part of my life.   My tree leans into the wind because creating is always dynamic and changing.  I like the challenge of trying new things and mixing it up a bit.

A Variety Of Different Techniques

I use a variety of different techniques to create texture on my work, and each leaf on the tree represents a different technique for embellishment.

Starting from the top down, here are descriptions of the techniques  displayed in the Etz-Ron logo.  Each is accompanied  by a photo  of  a finished product using that technique:

  • The top leaf represents wood carving.  I learned the basics of carving in Norway from old masters while studying there for two years. See my blog post on my journey into woodworking.


    Carved Wooden Vase – Rustic Weed Pot


  • The next leaf is wood burning with or without the addition of color.  It is occasionally called pyrography.  The technique I like best is branding pyrography, which means scorching the wood with fire.  It is done using an electric burning tool with interchangeable nibs.


    Textured Wooden Vessel- Pyro Burned Vase


  • The middle leaf, white pieces outlined by a darker border, is eggshell work that I use to embellish bowls, vessels, and even earrings.  I love the way such an interesting texture comes from a material we usually throw away without a second thought.


    Textured Eggshell Vessel


  • Etz-Ron has long been synonymous with natural wooden mosaics cut from real wood pieces. They are then hand inlaid in random patterns and, in turn, used to decorate a variety of functional wood items and Judaica. I use over 30 different kinds of woods from Israel and around the world.  The amazing array of natural colors and patterns  in the woods are highlighted and become the focal point of the piece.  No stains or dyes used.


    Wooden Dreidel – Hanukkah Collection


  • The last leaf represents my foray into metal working.  I am most attracted to the textures that can be hammered into the various metals I use.  With them I fashion unique handmade jewelry and accessories like belt buckles and hair barrettes.

    Rimon Belt Buckle- Silver & Copper Snap-On Buckle


Where’s the Signature?

Finally, there is a knot in my tree.  Knots on a tree trunk are markers of the place where a branch used to be. That  branch may have been cut, felled by a lightning  strike or non viable.  The tree envelopes the knot and uses it to grow stronger.  The knot symbolizes healing and regrowth.  In the Etz-Ron logo, that’s where you’ll find my signature.