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Wooden Torah Pointer – Bar/Bat Mitzvah Present – Yad L’Torah


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Product Description

Why is a wooden Torah pointer preferable for “laining” (reading from the Torah scroll)? A wooden “yad” is preferable for many reasons.  It is lighter weight, its shape sits nicely in one’s hand and more important it is from a natural source which connects with the “klaf” (parchment), its ink and the process in which  a “sefer Torah” (Torah Scroll) is prepared and written.

These lathe turned wooden Torah pointers range in styles.  One is decorated with swarovski stones, one is decorated with decorated with wood burned designs and fitted with a sterling silver hand, one is offset turned entirely from wood.  They all feature simple, clean, and sleek lines.

Appreciated  by Torah readers. Each piece unique.  This item makes a great Bar/Bat  Mitzvah gift.

Dimension ranges:7-10 x 0.7D ” (18-25 x 2D cm)

Have a particular wood  preference,  I can make one especially for you.  Contact Me with any question.

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Swarovski Stone, Branding Pyrography, Totally Turned