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Spinning Top Box 1-Small Wood Box-Keepsake Box-Mini Memory Box - BOX-STB1-O-ash
Spinning Top Box 3 - Hanukah Bo x -Spinning Top Box - Small Wood Box - BOX-STB3-O-ashSpinning Top Box 3 - Small Wood Box - Hanukah Box - Detail - BOX-STB3-O-ashSpinning Top Box 3 - Spinning Top Box - Chanukah Box - Wooden Box - Open - BOX-STB3-O-ashSpinning Top Box 2 - Small Wooden Box w/ Built in Top - Spinning Top Box - 2 in 1 Box - BOX-STB1-O-ashSpinner Top Box 2-Spinner Top Box-Educational Toy- Detail-BOX-STB1-O-ash-RWP-Picture2-113.jpgSpinning Top Box 4-Wooden Box-Educational Toy - BOX-050-O-ashSpinning Top Box 4 - Wooden Box - 2 in 1-Spinning Top Box 4-Stash Box- BOX-050-O-ashSpinning Top Box 1-Small Wood Box-Keepsake Box-Mini Memory Box - BOX-STB1-O-ashSpinning Top Box 1 - Box and Spinner - 2 in 1 Hanukah Stash Box-BOX-STB1-O-ashSpinning Top Box 1-Small Wooden Box with Spinner Top - Educational Toy - BOX-STB1-O-ash-

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Spinning Top Box – A Wood Box w/ a Spin Top Lid – Educational Toy


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Product Description

This spinning top box, made from ash wood, has a spinning top in the lid. You can spin the lid (top) on any surface, or,  invert the box and spin the top in the small hollowed out section on the box bottom.

Choose between  4 different outer styles, (1-4) –  the insides are the same for each box.

An educational toy, when used as a top,  can be used to help with fine motor coordination.  Made from solid wood for years of fun playing.

Dimensions- 2.12D x 4 H ” (5 D x 9H cm) approximate

One of a Kind-

Want a set of spinning top boxes in different woods for your kids?  Contact me.

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