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Round Frame – Pyro Burned with Color – Green Gold Hues & Lines


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Product Description

This one of a kind large round frame is made from 10 segments of solid poplar wood. I turned this 24″ diameter frame on my lathe, then pyro burned and painted  it with acrylic colors.  This one has green and gold hues with intersecting line patterns. When ity was done, I put several coats of polyurethane.

The listing is for the frame only.  It has foldable prongs to accept artwork of 20″ diameter and/or  glass or mirror (supplied by you). This frame really shows off artwork well.  A show stopper.

Dimensions : 20.2  D (inside D) 24″ (outside D) x 1 Th ” (51D (inside D) 62( outside D)  x 2 Th cm )

0.4 x 0.4 ” (1 x 1 cm) dado  insert for the art

Allow 4-6 weeks lead time- get the colors you want! Contact me!