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Designer Library Stairs – Wooden Library Ladder – Unique End Table


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Product Description

These library stairs are uniquely beautiful with their unique multli wood mosaics.  A sister to the Library Stairs made for, exhibited, and sold at the Wharton Esherisk Museums’ 16th Annual Thematic Woodworking Competition and Exhibition, these retractable (folding) Library Stairs will inspire conversation, as well as serve a useful purpose.

The stairs pull out like a spiral stair case to allow you to get to that book on a high shelf while using the integral handle for support. Alternatively, the stairs can be used as an attractive end table with 3 levels.

Made of sapelli wood and enhanced with Etz-Ron’s signature multi-wood mosaics, the mosaic wood inlays on these stairs reflect the natural color of every different wood used. No stains or dyes have been used on this creation. The colors you see are the real colors of all the different woods!

The Library stairs ,when retracted, measure23.2” x 12.8” x 24.0”H (121”H w/ handle).

The handle comes off for ease of shipping.