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Designer Lion Menorah-Oil Menorah-Judaica Gift-MEN-L-O-dark-RWL-MG_3839
Designer Lion Menorah-Oil Menorah-Judaica Gift-MEN-L-O-dark-RWL-MG_3839Open-Hanukkah Menorah-Lion Menorah-Bar Mitzvah Gift-MEN-L-O-O-RWL-MG_3838Open-Lion Menorah - Designer Hanukkah Menorah-Jewish Gift--Oil Hanukiah-MEN-L-O-O-RWL-MG_3837Lion Menorah from Wood-Classic Hanukkah Menorah-Closed-MEN-L-O-O-W-sm-lion-menorah.jpgLion Menorah- Hanukkah Menorah-Designer Wood Hanukiah-Jewish Gift-Open-MEN-0L-O-O-RWL-MG_3830Lion and Stars Menorah - Wooden Hanukkiah - Oil Wick Menorah - MEN-LS-O-O

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Lion Menorah – Designer Hanukkah Menorah – Wooden Chanukiah


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Product Description

This Lion Menorah has a mirror and pierced doors with Lion of Jerusalem motif. Open the doors when you light this Hanukkah menorah and double the effect of the candles. The “shamash” candle sits on top of the arch in it’s own brass cup.

This menorah is also available in a larger version with the Lion motif  in addition to Stars of David  on the doors.  Comes with set of 8 glass candle cups.

Makes a meaningful  Bar Mitzvah Present.

Dimensions:-13.8 x 5.1 x 9 H (35 x 13 x 25 H cm)

One available.

See the Lion & Stars Menorah

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