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Designer Textured Black Vase - Textured Black Vase - Mantle Art Piece - Artisan Vessel - VASE-BlackAvocado-Pyro-O-RWP-DSCF0047Textured-Black-Vase-Designer-Wood-Art-Wooden-Artisan-Vase-VASE-BlackAvocado-Pyro-O-RWP-DSCF0048.jpgDesigner Textured Black Vase - Detail - Unique Wooden Vase - Wood Home Decor - Designer Mantle Art - VASE-BlackAvocado-Pyro-O-RWP-DSCF0051

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Textured Black Vase – Unique Designer Vessel – Display Vase – Avocado Wood w/ Branding Pyrography


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Product Description

This textured black vase is covered with branding pyrography for a unique look in home decor. It can hold real flowers w/ a glass inside,  you can use it with dried flowers, or as display all alone on your table or mantle.

It is made from avocado wood.  First,  I turned the shape on my lathe,  hollowing out the inside and then I covered the vessel with branding pyrography designs.  This is a labor intensive job which requires endless patience. Then I dyed the whole thing black.  Finally I finished it with water based polyurethane which preserves the piece and is a long lasting finish. Dusting is the only care needed.

This heirloom quality vessel makes a great anniversary gift for someone special. It will make you happy every time you see it.

It measures about 5″ D x 6″ tall.

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