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Flower-Vase-Small-Bud-Vase-Centerpiece-Vase-VASE-040-O-Maple-RWP-Picture2-086.jpgRustic-Bud-Vase-Flower-Vase-Small-Centerpiece-Vase-VASE-040-O-maple-RWP-Picture2-090.jpgBud-Vase-Wooden-Vase-Mini-Flower-Vase-VASE-042-O-maple-CWP-Picture2-094.jpgRustic-Wooden-Vase-Small-Bud-Vase-Flower-Vase-VASE-042-O-maple-RWP-Picture2-093.jpgWooden-Vase-Mini-Bud-Vase-Rustic-Flower-Vase-VASE-042-O-Maple-RWP-Picture2-094.jpgBud-Vase-Small-Wooden-Vase-Weed-Pot-VASE-043-O-maple-RWP-Picture2-096.jpgRustic-Bud-Vase-Weed-Pot-Flower-Vase-VASE-043-O-Maple-RWP-Picture2-096.jpg#43-Wood Weed Pot-Bud Vase-Small Flower Vase

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Small Rustic Bud Vases – Maple Wood – Centerpiece Vases


SKU: BOWL-025-O-walnut
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Product Description

Three unique small weed pots or bud vases from Maple wood.  Buy one, or buy them all.

I removed the “real” bark, and then replaced it by carving and burning in new bark.  Comes with an insert, so if you want to put a  live flower in, you can.

Dimensions :

#40: 4.25 D x 3.75H” (11 D x 10.5H cm)

#42: 3 D x 5.36 H” (7 D x 13 H cm)

#43: 3.25 D x 4.75 H” (8 D x 12 H cm)

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