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ak-Root-Platter-One-of-a-Kind-Serving-Tray-PLATTER-OakRoot-O-Oak-RWP-0217tryfirst0044.jpgOak Root Platter-One of a Kind Wooden Serving Tray-DetailOak-Root-Platter-One-of-a-Kind-Wooden-Serving-Tray-PLATTER-OakRoot-O-oak-RCPW-ray330.jpg

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Oak Root Platter – Unique Wooden Serving Tray


SKU: PLATTER-OakRoot-O-oak
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Product Description

The wood for this one of a kind Oak Root Serving Platter sat is my shop for many years until finally, this platter was born.  The grain is very specific to this particular board, and stunning because of it’s varied grain pattern.

Not to be missed!

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