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Modern Mosaic Clock – Decorative Wall Clock – Mosaic Rimmed Clock


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Product Description

This contemporary modern mosaic clock features a decorative multi wood mosaic inlay around the edges.   I use over 30 different woods from the world over in my mosaics.  Each mosaic piece is hand inlaid.   There are no stains or dyes used to color this piece, the woods are left in their original colors and you get to see their original grain patterns too.  I put several layers  of polyurethane finish on the clock to protect it.

With battery-operated quartz movement  running on a “A” battery, not supplied.

Comes in 2 sizes- Regular and Oversized

Choose  the base wood colors-Light, Medium or Dark

Dimensions: 9(11) D x 1″(24(30)D x 2.2cm) varies with each clock

This clock doesn’t have any numbers. Click here to see  another  mosaic rimmed wooden wall clock that features the Hebrew alphabet.

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Regular, Over-sized

Wood Color

Light, Medium, Dark