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Designer Backgammon and Chess Board from Wood & Mosaics


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Product Description

Limited edition, Designer Backgammon and Chess Board with Etz-Ron’s signature hand inlaid multi wood mosaics using over 30 different woods from all over the world, each wood piece keeping it’s original color and grain.  No stains or dyes are used on this project! The colors you see are the natural colors of the woods.

Every side of the box is covered with rich multi wood mosaics.  The box has a backgammon board on the inside and the outside features a chess board.  The box closes with brass catches, and has wells for the 1 1/4″ crisloid playing pieces which can also be used for checkers. There are 2 sets of 2 precision dice,  2 sets of crisloid playing pieces, as well as a doubling cube included.

I got the idea for making this backgammon board when a cousin mentioned how nice it would look with mosaics.  At the time, I wanted a new challenge, and a challenge it was.  Everything needed t be precise, especially when I was making the triangles which are the main focus of the board.  It turned into a very rewarding project.

Choose base woods of sapelli mahogany and ash woods, or purpleheart and ash woods,  with accents of paduak, purpleheart, wenge wood and a myriad of other woods.

Limited edition, only 4 available. Each  set is unique. Get your family heirloom Backgammon Set now!



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Sapelli, Ash & Mosaics, Purpleheart, Ash & Mosaics