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Chunky Wood Bowl-Shallow Wooden Platter-Decorative Wooden Bowl-BOWL-Shallow-L1-jatoba1-RW-DSCF0034
Chunky Wooden Bowl-Shallow Serving Bowl-Wood Cjips Serving Bowl-Decorative Wooden Bowl-BOWL-Shallow-L-jatoba1-RW-DSCF0032Shallow Off Center Wooden Bowl-Art Bowl-Decorative Wooden Bowl-Table Candy-BOWL-Shallow-L-jatoba-RW-DSCF0030Chunky Wood Bowl-Shallow Wooden Platter-Decorative Wooden Bowl-BOWL-Shallow-L1-jatoba1-RW-DSCF0034Chunky-Wooden-Platter-Flat-Wood-Bowl-PLATTER-069-O-jatoba-PL-DSCF0036.jpg

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Serving Bowl – Flat Wooden Bowl – Organic Natural Turned Bowl


SKU: BOWL-069-O-Jatoba
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Product Description

Rustic Wooden Platter  from jatoba wood that can be a serving bowl or a beautiful catch all.

Textured and torched to get the play between the colors.

Beautiful showpiece for a counter, table or island. and practical as a bread tray or for any dry snack.  Lathe tuned.

Dimensions: 12D x 1 Th ” (29 D x 2.5Th cm)

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