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Art Deco Barrettes - Wooden Barrettes - BoHo Barrettes- BARRETTES-ArtDeco-1,2,3-O-CLR-MG_4174
Wooden Barrette-Art Deco Barrette-Colorful Barrette-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-1-maple-LCR-MG_4156Wooden Barrette-Art Deco Barrette-Colorful Hair Accessory-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-1-maple-LCR-MG_4160Wooden Barrette-Art Deco Barrette-Hair Slide-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-1-maple-LCR-MG_4162Art Deco Barrettes - Wooden Barrettes - BoHo Barrettes- BARRETTES-ArtDeco-1,2,3-O-CLR-MG_4174Womens Hair Clip-Art Deco Barrette-Hair Accessory-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-2-beech-LCR-MG_4164Wooden Barrette- BoHo Barrette-Decorated Hair Clip-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-2-beech-MG_4165Art Deco Barrette- Colorful Wooden Hair Clip- Womens AccessoriesDecorated Wooden Barrette-Art Deco Hair Clip-Wedding Favor-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-3-maple-LCR-MG_4171Decorative Wooden Barrette-Art Deco Barrette-Hair Accessory-BARRETTE-ArtDeco-3-LCR-maple-MG_4173

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Art Deco Barrettes – Colorful Wooden Barrettes – Hair Accessories


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Product Description

These art deco barrettes feature unique colorful designs on a wooden barrette.   The designs are burned into the wood, and then colored.  The large barrette clip, secured to the wood with screws,  will hold your hair securely in place.  They look great with any hair color.

They are great as bridal party gifts, birthday gifts, or for gifting yourself something pretty.

Choose between 3 unique art deco designs on maple or beech wood: #1, #2, #3 from the top

#1- measuring 10.2 L x 3.7 W x 2 Th cm ( 4 L x 1.5 W x .78Th “) on maple wood

#2- measuring 10.5 L x 3.9 W x 2 Th cm ( 4.1 L x 1.5 W x .78 Th “) on beech wood

#3- measuring 10.2 L x 4 W x 1.8 Th cm ( 4 L x 1.6 W x .71Th “) on maple wood

Interested in a different color combination?  Need a smaller clip?  Want to give them as bridal party gifts?  Want a different shape?  Contact me!

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