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Mosaic Challah Cutting Board – Solid Wood Cutting Board w/ Knife & Mosaics – Judaica Gift


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Product Description

This Mosaic Challah Cutting Board, from solid wood, features Etz-Ron’s signature multi wood mosaics and an integral Sheffield steel knife that fits seamlessly inside the board.  Make your Shabbat dinners extra special with this beautifully designed mosaic challah board for your home.

The mosaics are cut from solid wood pieces, using over 30 different species of wood in every piece.   I inlay the pieces into the board by hand, a labor intensive process.  No stains or dyes are used on the woods so that you can experience the colors and grain pattern of each individual wood.  The result is stunning and beautiful asset to your Shabbat table for years to come.  Be careful, the knife is surgeon sharp.

These boards have been gifted to countless newlyweds over the years, and they make a very meaningful wedding present, well loved by those that receive it.

Choose regular size or XL(limited stock).

How do I care for my cutting board?  This Mosaic Challah Cutting Board will last for years if taken care of properly! Some of my customers have had the same board for over 25 years!   First, choose the side you want to cut on, and use only that side for cutting.  Never immerse your cutting board in water, rather wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Rejuvenate your board every month by applying a coat of mineral oil, it is easy to do and food safe.  Just wipe it on and wipe off the excess with a soft lint free cloth.

Each cutting board is unique, the ones pictured here are already sold.  You will be getting something similar, but the wood pattern may be different, the mosaics will be different.  Contact Me, if you would like to see what is in stock at any given moment.  These cutting boards fly out of my shop quicker than I can make them!

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