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Designer-Cutting-Board-Small-Squares-with-Knife-and-Glass-CUTTING-SmSQ-L-maple-RWP-small-sqeares-cutting.jpgDesigner Cutting Board With Integral Knife & Tempered Glass - Small Stars - Natural Woods-CUTTING-Stars-Sm-ODesigner Cutting Board With Integral Knife & Tempered Glass - Large Stars - Natural Woods - CUTTING-Stars-O-paduak

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Designer Cutting Board With Integral Knife & Tempered Glass – Small Squares


SKU: CUT-SmallSquares-O-maple
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Product Description

This designer cutting board with integral knife & tempered glass features thick frame of maple surrounding a mosaic wood panel of small squares under a removable  tempered glass plate for cutting challah or bread at your holiday table.  Say “Hamotzi” over this beautiful wooden cutting board .  With an integral Sheffield steel knife pulling out from the side.

Careful, the knife is surgeon sharp.

The cutting boards measure approximately 15 x 11 x 1.5 Th ” (38 x 28 x 3 H cm)

The Small Squares cutting board from maple, wenge, and cherry woods is in stock .  The  Stars Cutting Board in small or large is presently out of stock but can be ordered.  Lead time 4-6 weeks..

Contact Me with any questions.

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