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Art Deco Barrettes – Colorful Wooden Barrettes – Burned & Painted Barrette


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Product Description

These colorful Art Deco barrettes are true hair ornaments.  Each is an unique work of art, no two are the same.  These wooden barrettes command attention.

I’ve let the wood grain guide the design.  First I burn a pattern in the wood, and then I color it in.  It is buffed and then finished with polyurethane for a deep sheen.

Each has a spring clasp.  They vary in size from 3.5″ (9cm)- 4.7″(12cm) wide and approximately 1.5″(4cm) tall.  Their thickness is 1/4″ (0.6cm).  The spring clasp is screwed into the wood, no glue fails here.

Surprisingly , the metal clasp hold a lot of hair, even thick hair.  The trick to getting thick hair into the barrette is to push the hair to one side while inserting.  Then spread it out inside the barrette after clasping.

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