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Beer Sheva – City of the Future

My customers often ask me, “Where is Beer Sheva?”  Israelis from the center of the country ask, “Beer Sheva?”

I have to admit that when my family relocated here I wondered the same thing!  We moved to Beer Sheva 22 years ago from a cosmopolitan area in the center of Israel.  At that time, the southern city made me think of the Wild West.  Where our small neighborhood ended, the desert began.  In our early days of living here, it was common to see Bedouin women riding donkeys in the early morning hours outside of our house.

The idea of sophisticated woodworking in such a remote place might have seemed out of place.  For my first studio in Beer Sheva, I rented space in a high-ceilinged Turkish building that lined the street of the former main open-air market of the city.  It was a definite step up from my first woodworking studio which was located in an underground bomb shelter!  It didn’t take long to appreciate the cool summer nights and the wide open streets of the city.

Over the years, I’ve watched the capital of the Negev grow and thrive. In addition to the population more than doubling, Beer Sheva itself is still growing.  There are high-rises, a high-tech park, multiple museums, and much more.  The culture website, Israel21c, has an inspiring description (by Viva Sarah Press) of Beer Sheva’s remarkable growth. Thanks to Beer Sheva’s expansion, today our same house is located in the center of the city.


Laser Etched Wooden Tea Box

Like the city, my work grows and thrives.  My body of work is expanding and constantly changing, in addition to my Judaica line of mosaics, to decorative plates and laser etched tea boxes.  Unique wood art pieces go out to customers all over the world.

If you’re ever in Israel, consider this a personal invitation: Come visit!  Simply contact me to set up a time — Visitors to my shop get 10% off any purchase!