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Dreaming Woodworking?: 3 Simple Steps to Make That “I Want to Do Woodworking” Dream Come True


Dreaming Woodworking-Perfect Starter Projects-Wooden Spatulas, Spreaders and Spoons

Have you ever thought that you’d someday like to create beautiful art or furniture out of wood?  Do you dream about actually working with wood?

Find out 3 simple steps to make your dream of working with wood come true.

1.Start small. Don’t splash out on expensive tools until you dabble a bit. Get a knife and a stick ( find a thick branch on your street) and start carving. If you’re the kind of a person that has to have something specific in mind, carve out a spoon or a spatula from that wooden stick. The goal is to feel the correct way to move the knife in the wood, noticing when the knife cuts smoothly and when the wood gives resistance. Don’t forget that a sharp knife is way easier to cut with than a dull one. Sharpen often. Safety tip: Hold the wood with your hand above the cutting knife and cut away from your body!

2.Research the net. The Internet these days is full of projects for beginners ( and also all levels). Spend some time looking at “how to” videos for beginners with basic tools. One of the best ways to learn technique is to copy it.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice. Did you ace the spoon challenge? Give it away to make someone happy and create another until you are totally confident. Change your design, experiment.  Your next project is to move on to a bowl or sculpture. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and add tools only when you need to, and when you are sure of what you need.

Have any more questions? I’d love to hear from you and also see what you’ve come up with.